Pet Policy

Pet fee is 50 per stay for max of 2 Pets(unless previously discussed with the owners) and is due upon arrival.
Any and all damages accrued by the pet(s)including but not limited to stains, tears,rips, scratches, bite marks and any others not listed will be charged accordingly to the guest responsible and listed on the reservation NO exceptions.
Pet owner is responsible for the pick up and disposal of any feces from the pet(s)
Pet(s)cannot be left unattended inside unless pet(s) is in a carrier kennel.
Pet(s) must be attended when outside and on a leash at all times.
Pet(s) must be cared for properly and kept out of reach of any potential known or unknown hazards.
The Inn Between nor its Owners, Operators or Employees will not be held accountable and is not liable for any of incidents, accidents and/or actions of the Pet(s) including but not limited to injury of Pet(s) or other Person(s), the death of Pet(s) or other Person(s), or any damages or destruction done by Pet(s) to any private or personal property of other guest staying at The Inn Between. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you the person responsible for and listed on the reservation agrees to these terms and conditions and will be held accountable in any unfortunate circumstances related to the Pet(s). Signature will be obtain upon arrival for these terms and conditions.