“It’s like camping, but for people who like a/c and stuff.”

What is glamping anyway?!

Camping, it’s the ultimate nature filled experience. Get outside, enjoy the stars, recconect with the good ole’ outdoors…it’s perfect. Until it’s not. Bugs, Texas heat, rain, snakes. Noooo thank you! I’m already sweating just thinking about it.

Glamping at the Inn Between near Garner State Park

If you’re like me, you love the idea of camping.

The actual practice of sleeping outside in a tent with no ac, on the floor, surrounded by insects, and sharing a communal shower with strangers sounds like an absolute nightmare.

And then there’s the whole packing thing. Camping requires ridiculous loads of camping gear. You have to unload and unpack it, set up camp, pack it all back up again, then drive home and unload everything all over again!? Call me a diva, but I need a vacation that is relaxing.

I do not want to wake up in the middle of the night swatting bugs, with sweat dripping down my face. That is not how I choose to relax. I already need a vacation from this vacation yall!

Thankfully the glamping industry has us prima donnas covered. Glamping is a camping experience for people who like the outdoors, but also like beds and a/c. You can hike through a park and jump in the river by day, but at night you get to relax knowing that you’re not going to get mauled by a bear in the middle of the night (or have your campsite entirely destroyed by bears).

It’s the best of both worlds. The ultimate compromise for the nature loving spouse, and the nature skeptical spouse. A little outdoorsy, and a little indoorsy too.

Funky decor in Hippies and Cowboys Tiny Home

Next time you want to take your kids outside to enjoy a national or state park, remember to glamp it’ll make your life approximately 1002% easier.