The Inn Between Guest Feature: Amber

I am increasingly inspired and blown away by our guests.

The notes they leave in our guest books often bring me to tears. Their stories are so interesting, inspiring, and powerful, I believe they should be shared. That is why I’m starting The Inn Between guest feature series on our blog. Today, I’ll be sharing the brave story of a guest who stayed with us and took a plunge…literally and symbolically!


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When Amber booked with us, she immediately peaked our interest.

In her booking message, she mentioned that she was planning on camping at Garner State Park with a group of friends. Unfortunately everyone else cancelled, but she wasn’t about to cancel her trip. She booked our Cozy Cactus tiny home for a weekend of solo travel adventures. There’s just something I love about a fellow wild wandering woman who refuses to settle, even when everyone else bails.


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While chatting during her trip, she mentioned that she was going to do the polar plunge at Garner State Park on New Year’s Day.

We were so intrigued by her bravery, Jake and I offered to take pictures of her plunge and cheer her on. When Amber checked out, she wrote us a note about how she came out here to Concan to do some self discovery, to face her past and move forward, she joked “who knows, maybe one day we’ll be neighbors.”

Flash forward to a month later, Amber moved here!

For years she dreamed of living near the Frio River. Her solo trip and polar plunge inspired her to take the biggest plunge of all! She quit her job, packed her bags, and headed to the Frio.

former guest painting our turquoise table

Amber painting our first Turquoise table with other members of the Concan community.


Amber’s story is marked by bravery.

Being brave enough to travel alone, to jump into the freezing cold Frio River in the middle of winter with a bunch of strangers, and to make the decision to stop making excuses and chase the dream she had for so long. Amber chose not to let fear and excuses dictate her life. What fear is holding you back today?

Check out Amber’s instagram to follow along with her beautiful journey.


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